Send videos

Analysis of diagnostic eye movements


Upload your video clips here. After the upload you vill recieve notifications for chat via your mobile phone same day during office hours.

The uploaded video must be maximum 5 minutes long and have the lowest recording level HD 30, maximum file size 512 MB. For further information about the upload, please see

Our telemedicine service is currently only available for persons residing in Sweden and who own the swedish mobile bank identification app BankID. If this id-app is installed in your mobile phone you will be able to send us video clips from anywhere on the globe. How to get swedish BankID?

Other countries than Sweden

If you are using the Nystagmocatcher but not residing in Sweden, you can not use our telemedicine service. We don´t recommend sending these video clips by mail. Videos of dizzy spells and recorded eye movements are sensitive personal data and are not safe to send by mail.

We recommend you to bring your mobile phone and review recorded video clips at your local health care providers office in your country.