We make dizziness diagnostics accessible!

Nystagmocatcher® is an attachment to your mobile phone that allows you to register impulses of the sense of balance. Vertigocatcher® is a new telemedical service for diagnosing balance disorders by analysing video-recorded eye movements.

Further information
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Investigate dizziness yourself!

  • More than half of all dizziness and balance disorders are caused by disturbances in the sense of balance – in balance organs, in balance nerves, in the brainstem or in the cerebellum
  • The most common physical disorders are various forms of BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo), other positional dizziness, vestibular neuritis, vestibular migraine, other over-excitability in the sense of balance, and Ménière’s disease
  • Balance disorders are not visible in blood tests, ECGs or X-rays
  • Disorders of the sense of balance can only be reliably diagnosed by analysing eye movements
  • In general healthcare, the impulses of the sense of balance are at best only partially investigated, sometimes not at all. For this reason, you may need to do it yourself!

About Nystagmocatcher
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Regardless of time, location and local healthcare expertice

  • With Nystagmocatcher attached on your mobile phone you can document your balance impulse failures and disorders
  • All the impulses of the sense of balance are linked to your eye movements
  • Nystagmocatcher suspends the eye’s ability to focus and simultaneously illuminates it
  • Video film the movements of your right eye and conduct a 5-minute examination at the same time
  • The video clip is saved in your phone
  • Document the sense of balance impulses yourself – whatever the time of day, regardless of where you are and without needing local healthcare expertise for dizziness disorders.


Get to know the examinations
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Analysis of diagnostic eye movements

  • Eye movements filmed by Nystagmocatcher are saved as video clips on your phone
  • In the event of BPPV or recurrent dizziness, you can learn to recognise and analyse abnormal eye movements yourself
  • Or show the video to care providers who are used to analysing eye movements
  • Or upload the video clip to Yrselcenter’s dizziness clinic. We are specialists in dizziness and highly experienced in analysing eye movements. (April 2024 only for Swedish citizens)
  • Communication with us takes place via a secure cloud service, both care providers and care recipients identify themselves with swedish Bank ID
  • We analyse your balance impulses from when you performed the examination. We provide you with diagnosis, advice and referral via chat every weekday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Nystagmocatcher diagnostisk timing

Diagnostic timing – examine when you are dizzy

  • Dizziness can have many causes. But the most common causes are five known dizziness disorders and combinations of them
  • Dizziness and vertigo episodes occur at different times of the day, usually when you are not in a doctor’s surgery
  • Undertake the examination WHEN you have dizziness, regardless of the time of day
  • Eye movements filmed by Nystagmocatcher during ongoing dizzy spells and periods of dizziness provide a very high diagnostic accuracy. 


The Vertigocatcher idea

Early diagnosis prevents functional dizziness

  • Functional and conditional dizziness are common conditions. The symptoms are controlled by the amygdala in the brain and are partly triggered psychologically. Over-monitoring of head movements, of the functions of the balance system and a fear of falling are typical symptoms
  • Functional dizziness often occurs after the onset of physical disorders of the sense of balance and especially often when the initial physical disorder has not been diagnosed. Daily functional dizziness for over three months is called PPPD (persistent postural-perceptual dizziness)
  • Early analysis of your eye movements provides an early diagnosis of balance disorders. It prevents the development of prolonged functional dizziness symptoms.

Prevent functional dizziness (swedish)