Examination procedure

Nystagmocatcher examination procedure


1. Find a suitable place for the examination, for example a bed or a soft carpet

2. Prepare a way to play the audio instructions

3. Familiarise yourself with the examination you will carry out. Look here

4. To enable a broadcastable video: start the camera on your mobile phone. Select “video”. Check that the video recording quality is “HD 30” or set at the lowest level


To provide clear diagnostic eye movements, it is very important that you cannot control or focus your gaze. During the examination, you should therefore close your left eye (the eye that is not being filmed) or cover it with the patch.

When you experience dizziness, carry out an examination

1. Sit down at the place you will carry out the examination

2. Using the switch, turn on the light ring of the Nystagmocatcher

3. Clamp the Nystagmocatcher so that the mobile phone’s camera lens is in the opening of the ring. If your mobile phone has several lenses, choose the one that is dominant.

4. Attach the plastic foam eye cover to the black ring. The wider part of the eye cover must be on the right side

5. Play the examination instructions using an audio source that is not the phone. The sound of the instructions should be loud enough to be heard on your video recording

Use a computer, tablet or another mobile phone and click on the English audio file

6. Start the camera on your mobile phone. Choose “video” and start a recording

7. Follow the instructions for a 5-minute examination. Press the Nystagmocatcher against the right eye so that no light can leak in. Close your left eye or cover it with the patch

After the examination

1. When you have finished the video recording, it is saved in the phone’s internal memory

2. Don’t forget to switch off the light ring’s illumination

Interpretation of eye movements

Option 1. Interpret the eye movements yourself

Option 2. Bring your mobile phone, show the video clip to a health care provider who can interpret eye movements

Option 3. If resident in Sweden, you can choose to upload the video clip to Yrselcenter’s dizziness clinic using our GDPR compliant cloud service