About Nystagmocatcher

Nystagmocatcher® is a mobile phone adaptor and a technical medical product, MDR/CE certified and registered with the Swedish Medical Products Agency. Nystagmocatcher prevents the eye from focusing and simultaneously illuminates it.

Clamp it over the camera lens of your mobile phone. Hold Nystagmocatcher against your right eye and record a five-minute long video clip. At the same time, you carry out eight examinations by following audio instructions that you play from a computer, tablet or other phone. After the video recording the video clip is saved on your mobile phone. It will contain diagnostic information about your sense of balance.

Carry out the examination during dizzy spells or periods of dizziness and loss of balance, such as a period of BPPV. It is important that you are unable to see with your left eye. During the examination, you should either close this eye or cover it with an eye patch.

Examine your own sense of balance!

Despite the fact that scientific studies have established that over half of all dizziness and balance disorders are due to disturbances in the sense of balance, examinations of the sense of balance – in so far as they are done at all – are of poor quality. Making eye movements visible and analysing their patterns is the only way to better understand balance impulses and disorders.

However, general health care often doesn’t have the equipment to elucidate eye movements and personnel are often not used to, or experienced in, interpreting eye movements.

This is something we want to change. With a Nystagmocatcher on your mobile phone, you have the most important diagnostic tools for dizziness care. If your healthcare provider doesn’t test your sense of balance, you can do it yourself. The diagnostics are most reliable if you do an examination and video recording when you experience dizziness.

It is very important that you cannot control or focus your gaze. During the examination, you should therefore close your left eye (the eye that is not being filmed) or cover it with the patch.

Intended use                               

Nystagmocatcher is intended to be used with a mobile phone to document diagnostic eye movements in adults with ongoing dizziness or balance disorders.

In order not to risk a delay in the treatment of a stroke or other life-threatening conditions, the intended use is not the very first onset of illness but recurrent attacks and episodes of similar dizziness and balance symptoms.

Conduct a standardised dizziness examination that includes tests when your head is still, gaze direction tests, positional tests and head shaking tests. Play our instructions via another audio source and simultaneously make a video recording. The purpose of the Nystagmocatcher is to capture diagnostic eye movements.

Nystagmocatcher works with most mobile phones but is not intended for use on tablets. On mobile phones with multiple camera lenses, you must attach the Nystagmocatcher over the dominant camera lens. You can work out which lens is dominant by video-recording and pointing to the different lenses. For some phone models that have the camera lens in the centre, the clip may be too short.

Filmed eye movements during an attack of dizziness or an episode of ongoing position-related dizziness provide reliable and detailed information about the impulses of the sense of balance at the time of the examination.

What can you expect from us?

If we can see the movement of one of your eyes and understand which examination you are carrying out at that time, we can make a statement about the function of the sense of balance from the time of the examination. It will help us even more if you say on the video clip “now there is a lot of dizziness” or make a moaning sound when you are experiencing a lot of discomfort.

We cannot comment on the impulses of your sense of balance before and after the examination. For medico-legal reasons, our diagnostics are limited to the video-recorded eye movements and the period of time when you did the examination and you should therefore try to do it when you experience a lot of problems.

We do not assess your previous medical history, but we are interested in knowing what symptoms you had at the time of the examination.

Technical conditions

To create a video clip, you should be able to do the following 

  • attach the Nystagmocatcher in front of the dominant camera lens of your mobile phone.  
  • attach the eye cover to the Nystagmocatcher
  • switch on the light with the slide switch
  • hold the Nystagmocatcher in front of one eye
  • play a 5-minute audio instruction on a computer, tablet or other phone
  • keep the eye that you are filming wide-open while blocking the other eye from visual input 
  • start the phone’s video programme, video the eye’s movements and save the 5-minute long video clip on your mobile phone

For help with interpreting recorded eye movements, diagnosis and treatment advice, you should also be able to

  • turn up the volume of the audio instructions so that you can hear them on the recorded video clip
  • be able to send the video clip via our GDPR compliant cloud service
  • log-in with Mobile Bank ID (Sweden)
  • communicate via chat using our GDPR compliant cloud service

Do not use the Nystagmocatcher 

if you have signs of a life-threatening illness, such as suspected acute brain disease or heart attack. 

Go to an emergency department if you have sudden dizziness and loss of balance in combination with any of the following symptoms

  • severe head, neck or chest pain
  • sudden difficulties in standing or sitting unassisted
  • paralysis or loss of sensation in the arms, legs or face
  • difficulty in speaking or swallowing
  • sudden one-sided deafness
  • loss of consciousness

Other information

Symbol description on the product

Waste sorting

The light source can be dismantled and should be sorted as electronic waste.
When this has been done, Nystagmocatcher is then sorted as plastic waste.

Report accidents and incidents

All serious accidents and incidents involving the product should be reported to the manufacturer and to the Swedish Medical Products Agency.


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